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SEITAI Barcelona


Katsumi Mamine Miwa (1944) had the privilege to learn directly from Haruchika Noguchi.

He has been carrying out the seitai activity in Barcelona since 1972.
He became acquainted with the seitai culture during its foundation and he worked intensely with a group of young people who were enthusiastic about master Noguchi’s ideas, whose children were also in this group.

His personal experience in the seitai practice and his reflection on the knowledge he acquired from it led him to wonder why something so simple and essential for our lives was not taught in the schools all over the world. Meanwhile, he was able to confirm, through his work attending to thousands of people, the extraordinary value of the seitai culture.

Based on his personal and professional experience, Katsumi Mamine Miwa wondered why neither Haruchika Noguchi nor Seitai were well known by today’s society:
The first difficulty lies in the fact that the seitai activity focuses on the empirical knowledge, which arises from the practice and from one’s personal experience. This personal and subjective characteristic of seitai is what makes it difficult to be explained in a precise way. Nevertheless, Noguchi always made his best to communicate the seitai approach and his discovery not only to his pupils but also to the whole society.
Master Noguchi could not overcome this difficulty because Japanese language has the advantage of being very flexible but at the same time, it has the disadvantage of not being very precise.

For fifteen years, Katsumi Mamine had used his teacher’s expressions until he realized that their direct translation could not transmit the extraordinary value of Noguchi’s ideas and approach.
Katsumi Mamine also understood that both eastern and western culture lacked the appropriate terminology to express Noguchi’s breakthrough.

In order to create new concepts that could allow him to communicate in a precise way the importance of Noguchi’s approach, Katsumi Mamine had to check the discovery made by his teacher (especially the osei and the osei framework) against the valuable knowledge on human nature that both today’s science and chinese traditional medicine have accumulated throughout hundreds of years.

In this web, Katsumi Mamine’s view of Seitai, on which he has been working for over twenty years, is presented for the first time.

It is is a renewed exposition of the seitai culture:

it is absolutely true, up to the minimum detail, to Haruchika Noguchi’s orginial approach;
it has the coherence required for Noguchi’s discovery to become a new cultural legacy for Humanity;
the way it is explained is easy enough for anybody to be able to perceive and cultivate by him/herself his or her own spontaneous movement as well as to respect this movement’s original and unique manifestation.


On any issue dealt with by seitai,

the seitai culture relies on the very simple practice of katsugen undo and yuki and on the observation of the osei.*The address of the Seitai Barcelona central dojo is: A/ República Argentina, 28, esc. dcha., pral. 1ª. Barcelona.